Crime & Punishment in Dalston

David Farr

An old woman is callously murdered for no more than twenty or thirty pounds. How could someone do such a thing for so little?
This is a play about how someone can.

Dostoyevsky’s classic 19th century novel of alienated youth is one of the most important novels of modern times, prophesying a society that becomes ever more fragmented between rich and poor, the powerful and the disenfranchised .

This radical reworking sets the action in modern Dalston. A young black man is disillusioned and angry with the limitations society has placed on him. The act of desperation, through which he hopes to liberate himself from his plight, is the ruthless murder of an old woman who acts as a local pawnbroker

David FarrDavid Farr was director of The Gate Theatre and has written plays for The Young Vic, The Bush and RSC.This production was made possible by support from: