Arcola Academy


Evan Placey

“If someone knows what they’re doing. If they’re ready. Then who decides?”

As Head of Year 11, Diane is meant to be implementing the new ‘Healthy Relationships’ curriculum. She’s responsible for guiding these impressionable teenagers through the minefield that is ‘sex education’.

Then Freddie arrives. She hasn’t seen him since that night six years earlier when he was fifteen. She thinks he took advantage of her. He thinks that she groomed him for months. Neither is sure. But when it comes to sex and consent, how far can you blur the lines?

Arcola Academy, Arcola’s semi-professional company for 16-20 year olds, presents this timely and explosive production of Evan Placey’s play, exploring sex, consent and the grey areas that permeate international conversation.

Directed by Bec Martin-Williams, following productions at Arcola Theatre, RSC Education and internationally.

Part of Creative/Disruption 18
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