Clamshell Boy

Kefi Chadwick

Clam goes to live with his cousins Raven and Mink, who think he’s weird because of his strange stories and his stupid leg. Raven tricks Clem into upsetting their neighbour Mrs Lewinsky with a prank that goes wrong – they shouldn’t have messed with her as it leads to all kinds of trouble for all three of them, not least when Basket Woman appears…

Clamshell Boy is a univeral story of family, community, the environment and the power of storytelling. It is a free adaptation of the Makah’s traditional story of Basket Woman. The North West coast Native American’s have a rich cultural heritage and tradition. Find out more at

Suitable for 8 – 12 year olds and families.



Kefi Chadwick

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Written by Kefi Chadwick

Directed by Alison West

Design by Num Stibbe

Original Music Score: Mark Leveller & Matt Savage from legendary UK band The Levellers

Based on an original idea by Alison West & Richard Hawley

Cast: Adam Carpenter, Becky Kitter, Maria Lloyd, and Simon Carroll-Jones