December 2010 saw the worst flooding in Australia since 1974. In July, 10 million people in Pakistan saw their homes damaged or completely destroyed by the floods. The Maldives is at threat of disappearing by 2050 under rising sea levels.

Change gives a voice to the real people who are already in the grip of climate change, using actors as a prism to illuminate their heartbreaking and inspiring stories, exactly as told.

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Post Show Discussions
Arcola Sustainability invites you to join the cast, creative team and guests for a series of discussion on art, science and the environment.

Wednesday 23 February
Creative Communication:
The Role of the Arts in Shaping our Understanding  of Climate Change

Thursday 24 February
Climate Doubt: Is Climate Change Scientific Fact or a Series of Convenient Coincidences

Eilís Sanfey presents

By Eilís Sanfey
Directed by Ellie Browning
Sound by Edward Lewis
Design by Fly Davis and Florence McHugh
Lighting by Chris Withers

Daphne Alexander
Oliver Bennett
Vinta Morgan