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10 February – 15 February 2020

Arcola Participation’s Queer Collective reflect on contemporary issues in society, the environment, culture, LGBTIQ+ rights and our shared Queer Histories in this playful devised piece.

10 February – 15 February 2020

Arcola Participation’s Queer Collective present a new devised piece. Romance and friendship erupt on the dancefloor of a queer club on the brink of closure. Welcome to the House of WERK.

17 February – 19 February 2020

Arcola Participation’s Mental Health Company re-imagine Middleton and Rowley’s Jacobean satire ‘The Changeling’ for the 21st Century and pose the question: have we made any progress?

20 February – 22 February 2020

Arcola Participation’s 50+ Company reimagine the bawdy anti-war play by Aristophanes. With the men of Athens serving in the forces, the women of the city form a pact: no sex for the men unless the women get peace

28 February – 29 February 2020

Clean Break’s Young Artists and Arcola Participation present a new play by Yasmin Joseph.

2 March – 6 March 2020

Arcola Participation’s Women’s Company present an original, devised piece about remembering and forgetting.

12 March – 15 March 2020

Arcola’s Academy group of 16-25 year olds perform Roy Williams’ searing play about young casualties of war.