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29 March – 30 March 2023

Mesut Süre, ilk kez Londra’da “Siz Hepiniz Ben Tek” isimli stand up gösterisiyle ilk kez Londra Arcola Theatre’da sevenleriyle buluşuyor. Yeni hikayeler eklediği gösterisini ilk kez sahneleyecek olan ünlü komedyen sevenlerine yine bol kahkaha ve eğlence dolu bir gece yaşatacak.

14 March – 1 April 2023

Besotted couple Billy and Rachel have a rat problem. But lurking below the floorboards of their first home together is a much darker, deep-rooted horror the couple must confront – no matter how damaging or deadly. VERMIN is an unsettling, unrelenting and heartbreaking dark comedy that peels back the layers of unchecked grief.  Following a …

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7 April – 29 April 2023

  Hours before their mother’s funeral, the Yeung siblings gather in the family home for the first time in years, only to discover their inheritance is missing. With seemingly only £44 cash to her name and her house due to be repossessed, where has all the money gone? Tensions escalate as they race to find …

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18 April – 22 April 2023

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Direct from a sell-out run in February, an urgent new play by Michael Mears exploring the events surrounding the catastrophic ‘mistake’ that launched our nuclear age. 1942. On a squash court in Chicago a dazzling scientific experiment takes place, which three years later will destroy a city and change the world …

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10 May – 10 June 2023

Lisa Carroll (writer of the ‘intoxicating to watch’ Cuckoo) returns with a penetrating new comedy about the quest for true intimacy, sexual equality, and top-notch tupperware. When “intimidating” Rachel and eternal “nice guy” Nick meet at a sticky-floored bar in Piccadilly, what was meant to be a one-night-stand becomes a sexual odyssey of self-discovery… and …

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7 June – 24 June 2023

I walked inside, and rather than everyone looking at me like I was some sort of weirdo, they just pulled me in. Shortly after making a sexual harassment complaint at work, Andrea is fired from her job. Overwhelmed by feelings of frustration and depression, she attempts to combat her loneliness through casual sex, but what …

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27 June – 15 July 2023

Life is good for “Smiley” – Ismail, the star and captain of his posh English school’s cricket team. He’s got his sights set on being the youngest member of the First XI and having his name immortalised in Wisden. But at the start of the season, new coach Mr. Eagles takes a particular dislike to …

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