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5 September – 30 September 2023

‘I know what you’re thinking…That didn’t start well, did it?’

Join Arthur and Jane, at the beginning, as they tell us their story. Matthew Seager’s ★★★★★ Moliere Award winning drama examines the power of music, memory and the nature of enduring love.

4 October – 28 October 2023

Matt Parvin’s blistering new drama tests the limits of retribution and the power of social status at university.

26 October – 25 November 2023

“I dream. Sometimes I think that’s the only right thing to do.” Partly a story of love and loneliness, partly a detective story, Haruki Murakami’s novel is brought to stage by Bryony Lavery (Frozen, The Book of Dust) and Melly Still (My Brilliant Friend, Coram Boy). Following their partnership on The Lovely Bones, Lavery and …

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6 November – 11 November 2023

Meet GIRL. She’s been hiding her scratches with unfashionably long socks, clever white lies and period pads. But now she and her BEST FRIEND are here to set the record straight.