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27 February – 2 March 2024

Welcome to Dulowl, home to pubs, drugs, and unreliable buses. These bored friends are just trying to make the best of it. So, what went wrong? A compassionate, funny and deeply moving take on life in a small town.

7 February – 2 March 2024

Sergio Blanco and Daniel Goldman return to the Arcola Theatre, after the success of their critically acclaimed OFFIE award winning productions of Thebes Land and The Rage of Narcissus, to tell a story of love and lust beyond the grave. 

5 March – 30 March 2024

A darkly funny and emotionally raw one act play directed by James Alexandrou – Kate’s had another panic attack, she’s sure her mum is trying to contact her from beyond the grave – So what can it mean for her relationship after finding Dom defrosting the last casserole mum ever made?

5 March – 9 March 2024

Theatre like no other! The audience decide the location, decade and title, then two of London’s most sought-after improvisers perform a play entirely made up on the spot.

22 March 2024

This play is in Turkish and there are no surtitles. Yeni nesil stand up denince akla ilk gelen isimlerden Deniz Alnıtemiz, Avrupa turunda! Yepyeni şakalarıyla süslediği tek kişilik komedi şovu Alnıtemiz Stand Up ile 2019 sonrasi tekrar London Arcola Theatre’da izleyicileri ile buluşuyor. Deniz Alnitemiz’i daha önce sahnede izlemediyseniz, kendi yarattığı doğaçlama stand up şovu …

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26 March – 27 March 2024

Arcola Participation’s community performance companies provide amazing opportunities to get involved in theatre-making, and to learn performance skills and work as part of an ensemble. Our current cohort will perform their original work for two nights in March.  Come along and support these wonderfully creative and courageous community members in their performances. Arcola Refugee Community …

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29 March – 30 March 2024

This play is in Turkish and there are no surtitles. Her şey altı yaşında bir çocuğun yazdığı bir listeyle başlar. Dünyadaki en harika şeylerin listesi. Yaşamaya değer şeylerin listesi. – Dondurma – Su savaşı – Uyku saatini geçirip geç saate kadar televizyon seyretmene izin verilmesi Yaşamaya değer bir sebep bulamayan annesinin hastaneye kaldırıldığını öğrenen çocuğun, …

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2 April – 20 April 2024

Life with Oscar is a darkly comic confessional rollercoaster ride through Hollywood. Nick flies to Sunset Boulevard, staying with an Oscar winner promising to get Nick nominated…If he follows instructions…

4 April – 11 May 2024

The Rose Tattoo is Tennessee Williams’ “love-play to the world,” about finding hope in unexpected places, and the chance of finding love again after a broken heart. Williams depicts with humour and satire a Sicilian-American community on the Gulf Coast while asking the public to keep an open mind to the possibility of miracles.

23 April – 4 May 2024

The Première of a Blistering Solo Musical. “A wry, sharply observed & comic view of modern woman. Not for the faint hearted” Steven Berkoff

22 May – 15 June 2024

Welcome to the Monstrous Cabaret Club, a place to drown more than your sorrows, where the acts are unreal and the voices to die for! Whether you’re strapping in for the Sirens or caught between Scylla and Charybdis, you’re in for a night you’ll never survive/forget

14 June – 6 July 2024

Sam’s eighteen, about to start living. Zoe’s forty-something and never did. All they share is a love of 80s’ new wave and an illness that wants them dead.

19 June – 13 July 2024

Mother is in prison. Daughter has come to visit. Closely watched by security personnel, they have 1 hour. A trained actor, and quick-witted, Mother tries to keep things light… but the darkness rises up around them as they are forced to confront the disorienting series of events that led them here. Surrender takes us on …

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