Arcola Theatre & Actors East Theatre present


By James Alexandrou, Kate Kelly Flood and Dom Morgan

Directed by James Alexandrou

…Kate’s had another panic attack. She’s convinced her dead mother is sending her signs and needs Dom’s help to understand what it all could mean? Only to find Dom eating the biggest sign yet – the last casserole her mother ever made.

‘Can love exist between two people with diametrically opposing views on the afterlife?’

The first play by innovative London acting studio Actors East, developed over 5 years of improvisational workshops, Casserole is a blisteringly funny and emotionally raw one-act play that looks at how grief causes people to hide from each other within a relationship.

Actors East has grown from an acting studio in a basement in Dalston to become one of London’s most innovative new writing companies. By enabling actors, writers and directors to collaborate freely without the friction of cost, Actors East has become the forefront of grassroots theatre.

Nomination for 3 OFFIE awards: NEW PLAY, DUO PERFORMANCE in a play and SET DESIGN.

Content Warnings: drug use, alcohol abuse, smoking, topics of grief, parental death and scenes of domestic violence.

“MUSS SEE SHOW - The finest two-hander I’ve seen this year. It’s a new way forward. One of the finest small-scale plays to come out of Arcola...” FRINGE REVIEW

“A fiery, cruel, and enlivening piece of theatre, fuelled by the flames of interpersonal strife, Casserole cannot be missed. A stunning and intimate drama.” FAD Magazine

★★★★ “Powerful two-hander about love, death and grief...Flood and Alexandrou excel.” Fairy Powered Productions

★★★★ “Actors East Theatre’s debut show makes a bang.” Reviews Hub

★★★★ “ Truly are a fly on the wall... Strong performances.”RatedReviewed

★★★★ “Beautifully presented with care and passion.”A Shiny life for me