Metal Rabbit Productions


Tess Berry-Hart

Directed by: David Mercatali

“Goods get damaged all the time. Wouldn’t want to spoil the cargo, now, would we?”

This timely world premiere is a tense and provocative thriller that reveals how much people are willing to risk in search of a better life.

In the dark of a container ship, a group sits huddled. Waves lap against the walls. The metal creaks softly. Then, all of a sudden, somebody whispers… For the cargo on this vessel, home is a long-distant memory – and a new land still many miles away. Will they survive the perilous journey to find a better future? Or could the greatest threat to their safety be locked amongst them?

Cargo is the enthralling new play from author and playwright Tess Berry-Hart (Someone to Blame, Sochi 2014). Directed by Evening Standard Award nominee David Mercatali (Little Light, Radiant Vermin, Johnny Got His Gun).

Post-show events

Wednesday 13 July – post-show Q&A with the cast, designer Max Dorey and director David Mercatali.

Wednesday 20 July – post-show Q&A with Calais Action, Help Refugees and writer Tess Berry-Hart.

Wednesday 27 July – post-show Q&A with the Refugee Support Network and Migrant Support Network.

Experiencing Cargo includes prolonged periods of darkness, and seating on wooden crates. We recommend wearing long skirts or trousers if possible.