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Callisto: A Queer Epic

Howard Coase

Directed by: Thomas Bailey

‘I don’t believe the word love has ever meant the same thing twice.’

Four queer stories scattered across time and space.

In London, 1680, opera star Arabella Hunt has secretly entered into the first recorded gay marriage in UK history.

In Worcester, 1936, Alan Turing pays one final visit to Isobel Morcom, mother of his lost first love, Christopher.

In the San Fernando Valley, 1979, Tammy Frazer arrives at Callisto Studios, searching for the love of her life.

And on the Moon, 2223, Lorn is building a paradise to sleep in, but Cal is determined to keep him awake.

Callisto: A Queer Epic, a new play by Howard Coase, traces a constellation of queer stories, reframing past narratives and sculpting future worlds. Following a critically-acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, it transfers to the Arcola for one week only.

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Part of the EH to E8 season