Sophie Watson for Tabula Rasa Theatre

but i cd only whisper

Kristiana Colón

Directed by: Nadia Latif

America. 1970. Black Vietnam veteran Beau Willie Brown is held in custody, accused of a heinous crime. A story comes to light that sticks in the throat, a story murmured between dark dreams.

“beau come back from ’nam with empty eyes and hands like stone


the war started long before he got on that plane”

but i cd only whisper wrestles with being vulnerable and black in white America. Fusing the physical and the poetic, a strange song emerges from the warble of police sirens, the percussion of machine guns, and the chants of voices only you can hear.

Sophie Watson for Tabula Rasa Theatre brings you the world premiere of this fierce and lyrical new play.

Watch the trailer for but i cd only whisper online or view it on Arcola Theatre’s Facebook page.

Kindly supported by Jerwood Space and developed with the support of the Lincoln Center Theater, New York.


“Sparsely staged, and neatly directed by Nadia Latif, the acting by a cast of chiefly British actors is first-rate” ★★★★ Whatsonstage

“combat stress has never been placed so clearly within a societal context as in Kristiana Colón’s moving play” The Stage

“a staggeringly effective central performance from Adetomiwa Edun”
“Nadia Latif’s production is beautifully constructed.” British Theatre Guide

“but I cd only whisper is a modern tragedy with a striking core message”
“In all its twisted consistency the play is a remarkable piece of new writing… [Colón joins] the canon of great American storytellers.” WhatsOnTheFringe

“For all the distance of two generations past and with an African American about to secure a second term in the White House, the central message remains as relevant today as ever – abroad or at home.” Broadway World

“elegantly expressive scenes permeate Nadia Latif’s fine production…a beautifully sophisticated play…All the scenes tingle differently, with humour, tenderness, rage and lust. ★★★★ Time Out

“Arcola Theatre’s new Studio 2 opens to an astounding start with Tabula Rasa Theatre’s fantastic new show.” The London Aisle

“Kristiana Colón’s script is well paced, empathetic and intensely poetic, negotiating a vast territory of emotions, loyalties and politics”
“a commanding and intelligent piece of theatre” The Upcoming

“A powerful and thought provoking production laden with personal and political feeling.” N16Mag

“an intense and gripping play” Entertainment Focus

“the final scene of the play…is one of the most powerful I’ve ever witnessed.” Bargain Theatreland

“Kristiana Colón’s script has captured a poetry that creates something truly brilliant” ★★★★★ The London Aisle

Performance times: Monday – Saturday evenings at 8:00pm, Saturday matinees at 3:00pm

Tickets: £16 (£12 concessions)