Lightbox Theatre Presents

Broken Water

by Michèle Winstanley

Directed by Nicola Samer

This award-nominated play from Michèle Winstanley shines a light on the untold experiences and the irrepressible resilience of women. Living on the same London street, three ordinary women with three different perspectives tell a similar story.

“A moving, powerful play that stayed with me.” – Kathy Burke

Thirty-something Linda wants what her neighbours have but her carefully laid plans are about to come unstuck. Fifty-something Philippa’s youngest child is about to leave home; as she mourns the successful career she once had, she reluctantly takes a step down. Seventy-something Olive is pursued by unresolved grief, but a wonderful find gets her out and about again.

As each woman’s story unfolds, we learn that between the rock of having children and the hard place of not having them, lies a kind of love that can make you lose your bearings. A humorous, touching and insightful story about the highs and lows of life’s greatest celebrations and darkest tragedies.

“Broken Water is really fantastic. I hope no one noticed that my eyes were watering.” – Martin Clunes OBE

Included as part of Arcola’s 2014 Playwrought Festival, Broken Water was shortlisted for the 2013 Verity Bargate Award and the 2017 Nick Darke Award. Now it premieres in a powerful new production from director Nicola Samer.

Content Warnings: Some coarse language, adult themes and descriptions of sexual violence.