Brave New Word

‘And indeed there will be time
To wonder, “Do I dare?’ And ‘Do I dare?’

Make no bones about it: looking ahead is baffling. It’s enough to worry about what we’re having for lunch tomorrow, let alone the state of the world in years to come. And look at where we are now: people are investing in cryptocurrencies left right and centre and last year a robot was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship. But our passports are turning blue again, there’s another royal wedding in sight and we’re bringing in the new year with a night out we’ve been to a thousand times before.
Are we going back to the future?

It could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare. Speculation is rife, from romantic to downright apocalyptic visions of the future. Will global warming wipe us all out or has Elon Musk got an ace up his sleeve that will save us all?

We’re kicking off 2018 looking ahead. We want to know what happens next.

Brave New Word is intended to provide a platform and community for writers, actors and directors to showcase, discuss and experiment with new work. We are especially inclusive of work which has urgency or importance, works outside traditional parameters, and takes risks.
We also particularly encourage first-time writers.

Line-up for Utopia/Dystopia:

Grab ‘Em By The Cerebellum by David Hendon
Igloo Bombs by Simon James
Inhuman Nature by Brian Pastor
The New New by Jake Guastella
A Waste of Time by Matthew Turner
Adam by Roslyn Hill
Handwriting by Joshua Oakes-Rogers
Dystopia Now by Jessica Riches
Fancy by Diana Burbano
Half An Hour by Pearl Andrews-Horrigan
The Empire Strikes Back by Olu Alakija
A Hundred Ways The Fire Starts by Max Wilkinson
Level Two Zero One Eight by Olivia Coppin

Part of SLAM Festival 2018