By Judith Jones and Beatrix Campbell

An eight year old child goes missing from her chaotic and dangerous life on a London council estate. Of course her mother and all around her are to blame. But what are we really blaming ‘them’ for? A compelling, high-octane new drama set in Hackney, about Britain now.

Mandy’s council flat has no boundaries; the door’s been off its hinges for weeks and there are all kinds of visitors. She’ll get her life together soon, but not yet, not tonight. It’s her birthday and she’s going to party like there’s no tomorrow. During the night phones go unanswered. The next morning, her eight year old daughter is gone and the accusations begin. . .

This warm and intelligent new play, from the writers of the acclaimed And All the Children Cried, exposes the devastating effect of the decline of a class once known as ‘the salt of the earth’ but now dismissed as ‘the scum of the earth’. Brutal but never damning this is new writing at its provocative best.

By Judith Jones and Beatrix Campbell

‘Utterly gripping… politicised theatre at its very best’ Four Stars Metro

‘Skillfully up-ends stereotypes. Language stronger than builder’s tea; music cutting edge urban’ Yorkshire Press

“Only the stonehearted could remain unaffected” The Stage

“This haunting play tells it as it is…If you have a social conscience, this is unmissable” FIVE STARS UK Theatre Network

“A remarkably subtle, political and at times beautiful treatment of a highly complex subject” Time Out (on And All The Children Cried)