Ariya – A Celebration of Life

Osun Arts

The creation and the existence of every being started from birth, and it goes on till the end of the world, therefore celebration of life talks about ways of life of Africans, beliefs, ideology, principles, as well as customs and traditions of Africans at home and in Diaspora.

It also goes a long way to express the sacredness and significance of African drums and its relevance to our community as a whole ; the significance of the sea because of its relevance to the society, and beside it has no end since the world itself is a mystery to all of us.

The show will project the joy in all that we do as Africans. Our belief is that in every good there is bad and vice versa.

ARIYA therefore means celebration; every single event that happens to us has an atom of celebration whether in death or when a new child is born or when we worship our deities. It goes round in whatever we do as human beings. Hence the repertoire ARIYA.

Celebration of life talks about the totality of Africans way of life using Nigeria as a case study.

Oladimeji Adisa from OSUN ARTS FOUNDATION said ‘this is a great and a delightful show giving the audience the opportunity to witness some of African cultural values and norms,

It is also very educating, which means it will be very good in schools so as to give the children and young people the opportunity of seeing the real African show undiluted and taken to their doorstep.

Osun Arts