Arcola in Process

Alessandro Evangelista

The exhibition Arcola in Process features a selection of images documenting the work at the Arcola over the last year by Alessandro Evangelista. He has been following productions from the first read-through to the final performance.

The Arcola Theatre is one of London’s most successful alternative venues. Located in a spacious converted textile factory, it is mainly driven by the passionate contribution of a large number of volunteers – mostly theatre professionals. – The Arcola is a reference space for the multi-culturally rich community of Hackney. Founded by Turkish director Mehmet Ergen in September 2000, it has earned a reputation for staging the work of the best contemporary writers and directors.

Alessandro Evangelista is currently photographer-in-residence at the Arcola Theatre. His interests include performance, street and social photography.

Arcola In Process is part of the Photomonth 2005 season in London’s East End and the City.

Alessandro Evangelista