Arcola Theatre has taken a brave new step in delivering low energy lighting and hydrogen fuel cell power for this year’s Latitude Festival. Working with regular partners White Light, Selecon, ETC and Pixel Range, Arcola Theatre provided lighting for the entire Theatre Arena using a mixture of LED and low power tungsten technologies; cutting power consumption by over 70%.

This ground-breaking advancement in technology has brought down the carbon footprint of the festival and lessened the event’s impact on its immediate surroundings and the world’s climate as a whole.


Arcola Theatre will also be presenting three plays in the Theatre Tent at this year’s Latitude Festival in Suffolk. A brilliant hybrid of music, comedy, cabaret, literature and poetry, this year’s line up includes Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Ros, Interpol, Ross Noble, Omid Djalili, Phill Jupitus and Sadlers Wells.

Arcola Theatre and Miniaturists are joining forces to present:

Match Play by Chris Campbell from a short story by Frederic Blanchette
Time Spent on Trains by Elizabeth Kuti
Death of the Small Independent Retailer by Glyn Cannon

Directed by Hannah Eidinow
Curated by Glyn Cannon
Produced by Flavia Fraser-Cannon
Designed by Lorna Richie
Cast: Alex Blake, Alex Constantine, Laura-Kate Gordon, Trudi Jackson, Simon Scardifield

Arcola are also leading the greening the Theatre Tent, installing low-energy lighting in partnership with White Light Ltd and a 5kW hydrogen fuel cell to power the productions in collaboration with the London Hydrogen Partnership.

A very ordinary bloke loses his temper for a fleeting moment and becomes a bull in a bookshop.  Causing a potentially fatal accident, he is forced to face up to the consequences. Or maybe not.

MATCH PLAY by Chris Campbell from a short story by Frederic Blanchette
Dinah wishes Simon had explained the rules of the game properly before taking her to see the mighty Peter Rockwell in a crucial match of some sort.  When Dinah breaks with sacred tradition, Simon wishes he had explained them as well.

TIME SPENT ON TRAINS by Elizabeth Kuti
Looking back, Peter reminisces about long train journeys between hospital appointments with his mother, Jenny.  All Peter was interested in then was crisps and tyrannosauruses, while his mother just wanted him to say anything out loud at all…

Miniaturists is a regular writer-led event dedicated to producing short but perfectly formed plays based at Arcola. Every show presents five plays from an array of writers, new and established. Each piece is no longer than 20mins and the dizzying mix makes every event as variable and unpredictable as life itself.