ANTIUNIVERSITY NOW: The Black Power Guide to Guerrilla Media

ANTIUNIVERSITY NOW: The Revolution Will Be Live! (The Black Power Guide to Guerrilla Media)

Pan African artist-activist, Toyin Agbetu will present a FREE beginners master class on how to make an independent film and set up an online radio / video channel for community empowerment work on a shoestring budget.

The session will start with a presentation offering examples illustrating how and why film, music and speech radio can attract supporters to a cause. It will then share practical advice, tips and demonstrations on how to utilise online platforms like YouTube and TuneIn to locate supporters for activist campaigns.




Toyin Agbetu is a community educator, film maker, artist-activist-anthropologist and founder of Ligali, a pan African human rights based organisation challenging the misrepresentation of African people, culture and history in the British media. He is the author of several books including UKWELI that promotes a collaborative philosophy dedicated to community empowerment. In 2013 he co-curated Hackney Museums’ award winning Sankofa exhibition on the history of African History Month. His last film, BEAUTY IS… (2014) exploring the politics of beauty won an industry award for independent production. In 2014 he completed his Masters (distinction) on Embodied Protest at University College London.


This event is part of ANTIUNIVERSITY NOW, a collaborative experiment to revisit and reimagine the 1968 Antiuniversity of London in an ongoing programme of free and inclusive learning events. ANTIUNIVERSITY NOW challenges academic and class hierarchy through an open invitation to teach and learn any subject, in any form, anywhere. It runs across the UK June 9-12 2016.