Come and explore the elements of the Liu Tzu Chue, or the six healing sounds of the Tao. Using chi kung, meditation, sound, talking and listening we can help each other transform the inbalances of grief, anger, anxiety, fear, restlessness and incohesion.

Sue McAlpine has been practising and teaching tai chi, chi kung and meditation for 30 years. Like chasing a dragon’s tail the practices are paradoxically impossible and elusive but vital for keeping centred in this crazy world of ours.

Antiuniversity Now is a collaborative experiment to challenge institutionalised education, access to learning and the mechanism of knowledge creation and distribution.  Initiated in 2015, Antiuniversity Now was set up to reignite the 1968 Antiuniversity of London with the intention to challenge academic and class hierarchy and the exclusivity of the £9K-a-year-degree by inviting people to organise and share learning events in public spaces all over the country.

Antiuniversity Now events are organised by academics and autodidacts, experts and enthusiasts and are open to all regardless of experience, background, age or qualification. They are free, accessible and inclusive and are delivered using non-hierarchical, participatory and democratic pedagogy.