An Arcola Green Sundays event DINING DOWN TO EARTH


Join us for a three course feast for all the senses. This unique evening celebrating communal dining will bring focus on the importance of soil fertility and food production practice.


Created from food that would have been otherwise wasted, the regal Soil Servers will satisfy your taste buds and hunger for knowledge. Round your table you will encounter music, soil, dance, memories and even a garden trowel.


The fun and interactive games will be rounded off with after-dinner speakers, including Tristam Stuart, author of Waste – uncovering the global food scandal and Richard Reynolds, founder of Guerrilla Gardening London.


p.s – don’t forget to bring an unusual container for taking home a growing souvenir of the evening.





In compliance with the right and proper due diligence required by the authorities with regards to health and safety, we kindly request that participants note the following possible eventualities and hereby accept full responsibility for their welfare;


Accidental fire, food poisoning, getting mud under finger nails, choking on food items, being accidentally hit in the eye by a maverick piece of fruit during the fruit salad toss, being struck by lightning, slipping on banana skins or indeed any aqueous matter located on the floor, candle wax melting onto clothes and causing the discolouration or ruin thereof, unsuccessful negotiation of stairs etc.


Please note food may have been produced in a nut factory and may contain nuts.

Please also note that bowls of nuts on display in the Café Bar may also contain nuts.


On a serious note: Arcola Theatre wants you to have a great time at Dining Down to Earth and will do everything possible to ensure the event is safe and fun but cannot take responsibility for the welfare of individual participants or their belongings.