Amor de Don Perlimplin con Belisa en su jardin

Federico Garcia Lorca

Performed in Spanish with English surtitles

Baraka’s adaptation is set in a fantastical world, where two sprites bring to life puppet-like characters to tell their story. They create an extremely visual show, enchanting even a non-Spanish speaking audience.

This rarely performed play mixes Lorca’s grotesque comic tone with his more renowned tragic style, exploring eternal themes of love, desire, betrayal and death.

The old bachelor, Don Perlimplin, is coerced into marrying the young sensual Belisa. Equally persuaded by her mother, she accepts, but seeks the company of more virile men. Madly in love, Perlimplin devises a cunning plan to teach her to love with both body and soul.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Federico Garcia Lorca

Federico Garcia Lorca was one of the great Spanish writers and artists of the 20th Century. In his short lifetime he produced a wide variety of novels, short stories, poetry as well as paintings,drawings and musical compositions.

Lorca was to be an early casualty of the Spanish Civil War. Intellectuals were considered dangerous by Franco’s Nationalists, and in the early morning of August 19, 1936, along with a schoolmaster and two bullfighters, Lorca was killed. Lorca’s writings were outlawed and burned in Granada’s Plaza del Carmen. Even his name was forbidden.

The young poet quickly became a martyr, an international symbol of the politically oppressed, but his plays were not revived until the 1940’s, and certain bans on his work remained in place until as late as 1971. Today, Lorca is considered the greatest Spanish poet and dramatist of the 20th Century.