Izzy Parriss Productions and Three Sisters Productions in Association with the Arcola Theatre present the World Premiere of

After Sex

By Siofra Dromgoole

Directed by Izzy Parriss

They’re on the same page. It’s just sex. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Anyway, it wouldn’t work. He hates kissing in the morning. She killed her guinea pigs. He doesn’t speak to his dad.

They’re totally different people.

It’s just sex.

“I’m just worried because I think what I’m being turned on by is the fact that you’re imagining a stable future with me, whereas what you’re being turned on by is the potential potency of your own sperm.”

A lyrical, charged, sharply observed and genuinely erotic two-hander, After Sex follows the trajectory of a couple, told almost entirely through post-coital scenes. It’s about how the sex we have can change us: a love-song to connection, and to people’s capacity for changing each other’s lives.

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