The black night of apartheid South Africa. An isolated farmhouse descends into ruin.

The rain will never come. And in the dust, Sussie and Frikkie play out the punishment rituals of the past. Nothing is prohibited. There are no taboos. What will happen when an unwelcome visitor enters their world?

Reza de Wets multi-award winning psychological thriller takes a close and at times darkly comic look at the legacy of oppression. Rarely staged outside South Africa, this intriguing play raises a question that reaches beyond time and place. Liberated from tyranny, can the oppressed ever truly be free?


Barebones Project presents
by Reza de Wet

Directed by Naomi Wirthner

Jane Gwilliams
Gil Sutherland
Naomi Wirthner
Gary Wright

Post show discussion: Wednesday 3rd August