Muelas+Ward present



Yes, love hurts!

And it always did, but today ghosting, anxiety, projection, self-validation and the cowardice of being apparently safe behind a screen just increase that pain.

A&E had it’s digital opening in 2020 at the Tète-á-Tête Opera Festival with a social distance staging that perfectly stressed the character’s feelings of loneliness and isolation.

When Adam meets Eve at the A&E ward of Homerton Hospital it’s love at first radiograph but a sneaky boy will tempt Adam to download a dating app, and that will change everything…

This is the world premiere of the debut opera of the iconoclastic creative tandem Muelas+Ward. A librettist and a composer, a director and a producer who want to make opera for people who are normally scared of opera.

Content Warnings: strong language and sexual references

  • Accompanied by string quartet and piano
  • Sung in English

“Sensitive, arresting and moving all at once”Justin Way, Teatro Real

“Clear, direct, engaging and fun story”Jonathan Dove, composer

“A conceptually stimulating and imaginative piece”Charles Edwards, director

“Explodes with creativity”Daniela Tabernig, soprano