Forty companies performing over four weeks – Arcola launches its new performance space Studio K with the Create09 Festival.

A diverse programme of dance and physical theatre remixing established companies and new performers, Adventures in Movement includes an adventure for everyone:

Ballet, boys and bikes, capoeira, a fairytale of swans and a mass exercise routine; dances exploring everything from our inner emotional landscapes to ex-communist cultural heritage, from sacrifice and sex to magic, space and flesh – we have bent the rules to cook up a feast of unprecedented visceral action and beauty.

With up to three different shows per night, our festival is part of the wider Create09 Festival that stretches across the 5 Olympic Boroughs of London, bringing them together in a celebration of art, culture and performance in the run up to 2012 and beyond. See

Programme Summary

Mon 6th July – Etta Ermini Dance Theatre / Yael Loewenstein / Kabula Arts and Culture with Steak Studio
Tue 7th July – Petra’s Pulse
Wed 8th July – Freefall Theatre Company
Thur 9th July – Karin Fisher-Potisk, Henrietta Hale, Nikki Tomlinson
Fri 10th July – Funmi Adewole, Cécile Feza Bushidi and Kweku Aacht
Sat 11th July – PartSuspended

Mon13th July – Liz Chan and Daniel Weyman / Sweetshop Revolution
Tue 14th July – HitchhikeDance Collective / Liz Chan and Daniel Weyman
Wed 15th July – Performance Klub Fiskulturnik / Lo Commotion
Thur 16th July – 2Divide
Fri 17th July – IJAD Dance Company
Sat 18th July – Vocal Motions Elastic Theatre / IJAD Dance Company

Mon 20th July – Anonymous Ensemble & Philtre Productions
Tue 21st July – Alessandra Fel / Kittenkaboodle Dance Theatre
Wed 22nd July – Lucy Hind and David Toole / Wreckless Arts
Thur 23rd July – Wreckless Arts / Curved Space Theatre / Tempered Body
Fri 24th July – Kieran Sheehan Dance Theatre / Curved Space Theatre
Sat 25th July – Ketchup Creations / James Wilton

Mon 27th July – Aykolour Project (Ayaka Takai) / May I… Project / Big Beef Dance Theatre
Tue 28th July – Roberta Vaz / The Kamichi Plan
Wed 29th July – AlKamie / The Kamichi Plan
Thur 30th July – Mike Levanzin & Katrina Beckford / Paradigmz
Fri 31st July – The Kamichi Plan / Hagit Yakira
Sat 1st August – Nico Monaco / Rick Nodine
Sun 2nd August – Nico Monaco / Collettivo Unico / IJAD Dance Company

Programme Detail (more information to follow):

6th July
Fixed Wheel by Etta Ermini Dance Theatre
Sound Yan White
Cast Ian Garside, Luis Frontana
Ballet, boys and bikes – a fast paced, playfull and touching physical performance by two men and a bicycle that explores the dysfunctional relationships between humans and objects.
IceScream A Work-in-Progress
by Yael Loewenstein
A child, an elder, a villager, a banker and a soldier try to comprehend the existence, impact and potential of each others realities and desires. A dance-music-theatre piece that shrinks the world explosively.
Vagrants on Fire by Kabula Arts and Culture with Steak Studio
Choreography Carlao Alexandre
Movement, percussion, ritual, chants and magic unite in this physical piece steeped in the Afro-Brazilian art of Capoeira Angola.

7th July
Aegean Fatigue by Petra’s Pulse
Devised, written and preformed by Selina Papoutseli and Jamie Wood
Nine visual songs from a raw and unsettling theatrical album. An experience of volatile liquid sensuality with moments of outrageous comedy.

8th July
Half man / Half clam by Freefall Theatre Company
Directed by Kate Sagovsky
A fusion of live music and performance art, the tragicomedy of a tongue-tied man.

9th July

She becomes her, Safe/Unsafe, Plainsong by Karin Fisher-Potisk, Henrietta Hale, Nikki Tomlinson
Works in progress: personal experiences of space, flesh and imagination.

10th July
The Sleepwalker’s Dream, Spanning Consciousness and Continents, Artery by Funmi Adewole, Cécile Feza Bushidi, Kweku Aacht
An insightful evening of three solos connected by their exploration of psychological and cultural duality.

11th July
Un-Re Strict-ed by PartSuspended
Exploring restrictions upon identity in the urban environment, diagnosing and bending the rules.

13th July
After Cinderella by Liz Chan and Daniel Weyman
Created and performed by Liz Chan and Daniel Weyman.
An exploration of the aftermath of a fairy tale:
What happens happily ever after? What happens when fairy tales end?
Violet Smile by Sweetshop Revolution
Dark comedy about a waitress from Transylvania who only works the night shift…

14th July
Gentlemen’s Venues by HitchhikeDance Collective
Choreographed and preformed by Myrto Gkouzelou and Lola Maury
A dynamic, raw and intricate dance duet illustrating the controversial relationship between 2 prostitutes.
After Cinderella by Liz Chan and Daniel Weyman

15th July
Mass Exercise with Nadia & Olga Sokolski by Performance Klub Fiskulturnik Join Performance Klub Fiskulturnik in pursuit of developing a mass involvement with the art of fiskultura.
by Lo Commotion
Text, music and movement entwine to chart one man’s history and the ever changing nature of his memory.

16th July
2Divide by 2Divide
Absurd, personal and mythological narratives come together through the language of physical theatre, sound and installation.

17th July
Wanna Play?, [traces,…], 2B3D by IJAD Dance Company
By Joumana Mourad and IJAD Dance Company

Three contrasting pieces exploring the modern sacrifice, the magical in everyday rituals, and the significance of secrets collected around the world. Expect energy, a moving filmic backdrop projected live from the stage, bubbles and a large number of helium

18th July
The Passion of Saints Sergius and Bacchus by Vocal Motions Elastic Theatre
Choreography by Lola Maury
Concept and direction by Jacek Ludwig Scarso
A poetic adaptation of the intimate relationship between two saints through contemporary dance and live vocal music.
Wanna Play?, [traces,…], 2B3D
by IJAD Dance Company

20th July
Wanderlust by Anonymous Ensemble & Philtre Productions
Written and directed by Eamonn Farrell
Interactive theatrical extravaganza of circus, dance and theatre.

21st July
Upside-Down by Alessandra Fel
A journey into the demise of an ordinary couple, a melancholy fairytale with an unhappy ending.

Those Little Brown Backed Books & Order me and I’ll behave you like a dog
by Kittenkaboodle Dance Theatre
Written and choreographed by Kate Webster
An installation piece exploring the function of the written word allowing the audience to be part of its development.

22nd July
Extra-Ordinary by Lucy Hind and Dave Toole
Written, directed and preformed by Lucy Hind and Dave Tool
A dance and duet, one with no legs, one with no clue.

by Wreckless Arts
Choreographed and preformed by Jemima Hoadley
A solo incorporating provocative movement, sign language and signed song.

23rd July
(Prelude) by Wreckless Arts
Crystals by Curved Space Theatre
The first of 3 dancers, 3 choreographers, 3 scientists, 3 crystals. Interdisciplinary collaboration revealing extraordinary subjects on stage.
Amuse Bouche
by Tempered Body
An exploration of the intricacies and complexities of human relationships, glimpsed through an unfolding series of dancing vignettes.

24th July
Cope by Kieran Sheehan Dance Theatre
Combining film, dance, text and song in an abstraction of the shared experiences of women who reflect on, experience and witness abusive relationships.
Crystals by Curved Space Theatre

25th July
Planet of Swans by Ketchup Creations
A world of dreaming beyond the body combining magic, music, dance and fun, feathers will fly!
by James Wilton
Dynamic and daring contact and floor work creating exciting contemporary dance.

27th July
It Happens … by Aykolour Project (Ayaka Takai)
Group dynamics generated from physical movement and rhythm patterns. See and listen to those percussive sounds coming from our bodies.
May I…
by May I… Project
Exploring the relationship between movement and poetry, creating a physical listening experience.
by Big Beef Dance Theatre
Using popular culture to explore the individual within a society of co-existence.

28th July
The Typewriters by Roberta Vaz
A dark and yet comical comment on the absurd impersonal relationships in post-modern societies. A performance that brings together threads of narrative, installation and choreography.
We Will Overcome
by The Kamichi Plan
A musical and visual exploration of the “Freedom Riders”.

29th July
No Living Room by AlKamie
Cutting-edge virtual-reality meets physical theatre to playfully challenge economic mantra.
We Will Overcome
by The Kamichi Plan

30th July
God Bless The Child (An evening with Billie Holiday) by Mike Levanzin
Set in a small night club, this one woman show takes the audience on an intimate and personal journey, from Billie’s misspent youth in Baltimore through to the lavish jazz joints of 1930’s Harlem. Performed by Katrina Beckford, accompanied by jazz pianist Mike Conliffe.
Contains adult themes.
The Golden Silence by Paradigmz
Trade bars with rapping boy wonder who refuses to speak! A story about self discovery and choice.

31st July
We Will Overcome by The Kamichi Plan
Oh baby by Hagit Yakira
An energetic and playful duet between a man and a woman, dealing with fiction and reality.

1st August
Solo In Purgatorio by Nico Monaco
The anger as a motive to create movement, combining elements of hip hop with boxing to express the necessity of breaking through.
Come to Mamma by Rick Nodine
Using choreography to manipulate intense physical states, asking questions about the representation of strong emotion on stage.

2nd August
Solo In Purgatorio by Nico Monaco
Lucha Mia by Collettivo Unico
Directed by Vladimir Rodriguez
Cast Elena Ciavaella
Wanna Play?, [traces,…], 2B3D by IJAD Dance Company