East Riding Theatre Company, presented by Arcola Theatre

A Steady Rain

Keith Huff

Directed by: Andrew Pearson

Joey and Denny have been best friends since kindergarten. Joey helps out with Denny’s wife and kids; Denny keeps Joey away from the bottle.

Now they’re cops in downtown Chicago, crime is a fact of life. But when a domestic disturbance call takes a turn for the worse, it brings about a change in the weather…

A Steady Rain, from House of Cards and Mad Men writer Keith Huff, is a heart-stopping drama about a lifelong bond on the line.

Since its 2009 Broadway debut, starring Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig, the play has won major plaudits and has been earmarked by Stephen Spielberg for a film adaptation. Don’t miss the London premiere at Arcola, starring Vincent Regan (300, Troy, Clash of the Titans) and David Schaal (The Office, The Inbetweeners).

London premiere – Tickets from just £10