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11 August– 16 August

Spatial Vocal & Physical Studio

The Monk and The Lotus

Directed by Shiru Wang

Music: Niccolo Athens   |  Words: Shiru Wang and Niccolo Athens, after Xu Wei

Zen Master Yu is a classic Chinese story known for its sarcastic comments on political bureaucracy and religious practice. This operatic adaptation, trimming most references to its specific socio-political context, aims to retain the philosophical essence, exploring the collision between spiritual pursuit and human desire, and asking questions about the nature of reality itself. What is real, what is illusory?

A modern western opera incorporating elements of classical Chinese aesthetics, The Monk and the Lotus aims to transform the performance style of opera singers through innovative stage direction that takes inspiration from the close integration of singing and physical movement, a feature inherent in traditional Chinese Opera.


Robbie Haylett

The Monk

April Fredrick

The Lotus

Max Percy

The Monks' Shadow

Margherita Deri

The Lotus' Shadow

Duncan Hodgkinson


Yongqiu Yuan



Niccolo Athens


Shiru Wang and Niccolo Athens, after Xu Wei


Shiru Wang

Assistant Director

July Yang

Costume & Stage Design

Tong Zhao

Graphic Design

Renfei Huang

Make-Up Artist

Gloria Geng
Standard £17
Concessions £14

Standard tickets are £12 or less with Arcola Passport.

Friday - Wednesday at 8pm. No performance Sunday.

Live music, performed in English

Running time: 70 minutes approximately .

Suitable for 14+

Press enquiries: July Yang —

24 Ashwin Street, Dalston, London, E8 3DL
020 7503 1646

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