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22 July

Global Female Voices

Global Female Voices returns by popular demand, staging readings of plays from around the globe.

First curated by the Arcola Women’s Company as part of the Creative/Disruption 18 festival, Global Female Voices is back to present untold stories by international female playwrights that demonstrate the diversity, creativity and complexity of female writers around the globe.

Come and discover extracts of plays, curated through a global call-out for writers.

Where We Belong
By Madeline Sayet (Mohegan Nation, USA)

Where We Belong is a solo performance piece interrogating notions of belonging in a globalized world. As the descendent of generations of Mohegan Medicine People, Madeline Sayet uses her personal narrative, the legacy of her ancestors who travelled to London in the 1700s, and traditional storytelling to ask what it means to be a Native and an immigrant today.

Dream Team 
By Minna Nurmelin, translated by Kristian London (Finland)

Does your life require some clear direction? Well worry no more – the Dream Team coaches will help you realise your true potential. Say yes to yourself and your dreams will come true!

The Life of Planes
By Vanessa Vizcarra (Peru)

Trees are dying from the inside out. Leaving her family in Peru, plant Pathologist Sarah is determined to save them. But when the aeroplane her son is travelling on disappears, Sarah loses all sense of direction.

body Art
By Sol Rodrígues Seoane, translated by Clara Tilve (Argentina)

“Love is a souvenir. Love is archaeological. Love is a slide.” Eléne and Aimée recount the story of their relationship as student and mentor, artists and lovers; piecing together the fragments of a postmodern romance.

Inside Voices
By Nabilah Said (Singapore)

Nisa, Lily and Fatimah meet in the dead of the night. There is nothing to do and everything to talk about. Inside Voices is an exploration of women’s rights, motherhood and agency within the context of Islam in the contemporary age.


Tickets are £5 and the event is followed by a discussion with directors and performers.


Ignacia Goycoolea

Where We Belong - Madeline

Sheree Kane

Dream Team - Hanna

Clarisse M. Kye

Dream Team - Eeva

Hinako Matsumoto

Dream Team - Mia

Shannon Mulvey

Dream Team - Jutta

Dian Cathal

The Life of Planes - Author

Maya Helena

The Life of Planes - Elise

Ciara Pouncett

The Life of Planes - Sarah

Charlotte Dowding

body Art - Aimée

Shona Graham

body Art - Eléne

Julie Cheung-Inhin

Inside Voices - Lily

Isabella Chiam

Inside Voices - Fatimah

Zara Hemati

Inside Voices - Nisa

Participation Manager

Bec Martin-Williams

Artistic Director

Lora Krasteva


Rach Skyer

Where We Belong - Director

Siar Kanik

Dream Team - Director

Paula Sillman

The Life of Planes - Director

Denise Stephenson

body Art - Director

Kathleen O'Dougherty

Inside Voices - Director

Zui Ning Chang
All tickets £5

Sorry, Arcola Passport tickets are not available for this production.

6pm, Sunday 22 July

Running time: 180 minutes approximately (including interval).

Press enquiries: Pan Productions —

24 Ashwin Street, Dalston, London, E8 3DL
020 7503 1646

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