Young People

Arcola Youth Theatre and Young AYT draws on a vast range of theatrical forms from across Europe and the UK to provide a place for young people to ignite their creativity and challenge themselves.  Arcola facilitates a supportive and playful environment, in which young people can develop and explore.

The sessions are led by professional directors and facilitators who use cutting edge practices to push the boundaries of what youth theatre can achieve. We are an inclusive youth theatre and treat every participant as an artist with a unique perspective to share and experiment with. We work alongside young people to develop their skills with a variety of one-off projects allowing them to collaborate with world class artists.

Arcola also regularly take part in Discover Young Hackney.

Upcoming shows for young people

Arcola Youth Theatre

Our youth theatre company for 13-17 year olds who live in and around Hackney.

Young AYT

Our youth theatre company for 9-12 year olds who live in and around Hackney.

Arts Award

Arcola offers Young People the opportunity to achieve their Arts Award through our Youth Theatre, one-off programs, and supports independent Arts Award achievement