Jessica Friend presents


A filmed exhibition

Written by Jessica Friend

Directed by Anastasia Bunce
Music and sound by Jessica Friend and Alex Powell
Filmed and edited by Alex Powell

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Ruby is subjected to a world where…

Ruby must be pure
Ruby must be sexy
Ruby must be a lady

Ruby mirrors a world where…

Ruby will be sexualised
Ruby will be exploited
Ruby will be consumed

Ruby lives in a world where…

Yoghurt is sexy? 
Yoghurt Is Not Sexy

YOGHURT IS NOT SEXY is an expressionistic and theatrical short film that explores three archetypes of woman in a warped world which uncomfortably resembles our own. The piece challenges the heteronormative male gaze and the assumptions of normality in the Western world, destabilising the logic of those norms, looking closely at lifestyles fed by consumption.

Food. Sex. Innocence. Consumption. Mother Earth. Yoghurt.

This is a digital exhibition which will debut on Arcola Theatre’s YouTube page at 12pm midday on Monday 27th September. To be the first to see this short film, subscribe to our channel today.

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