Boy Next Door Productions presents

Rose Tattoo

Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Eduardo Barreto
Original Music Score by Eve Polycarpou
Movement and Choreography by Sally Marie

Serafina delle Rose is a stormy and fervent spouse and mamma. When her husband Rosario is assassinated while drug-trafficking in a banana truck, Serafina isolates herself from the world: away from life and love.

The Rose Tattoo romantic comedy that Tennessee Williams called his “love-play to the world,” about finding love again after a broken heart. Williams depicts with humour and satire a Sicilian-American community on the Gulf Coast while asking the public to keep an open mind to the possibility of miracles.

A play about migrants still adjusting themselves to a culture that finds itself in the middle of an identity quandary: finding love in the heart of a great battle becomes the ultimate test.   We are all misfits to whom love is the only salvation.

Content warnings: Self-harm