Written by Tom McNab

Directed by Jenny Lee

‘McNab’s debut play proves to be a succinct, filmic look at the poignant back-room
narratives around the build-up to the first major display of Nazi power.’

‘multi-faceted piece of drama… outstanding debut’ Plays International

‘lean, immediate and full of humanity’ – Time Out

A thrilling take on the run up to the Berlin Olympics in 1936, seen through the eyes of American journalist William Shirer.

The stakes were high, the game played out on the world stage. Hitler craved power and the German Jews were under threat. America was uneasy and the International Olympic Committee was dangerously out of touch….

It all rested on the few….. and the athletes, among them Jesse Owens.

If America had pulled out, would WWII have taken place? A gripping piece of
theatre with a 9 actor cast, playing out one of the most momentous occasions
in world history.

The evening concludes with an excerpt from Leni Riefenstahl’s film Olympia and
a discussion with Olympic Coach Tom McNab (author of best-seller Flanagan’s

ATTIC has a reputation for outstanding scripts and excellent actors – previous London productions include – Afterplay & The Bear, Markings and Knives in Hens.

An Attic Theatre Company production