Tickets / Discounts


Box Office and Booking Information:

Arcola Theatre and Tent Advance Sales (in person and by phone):

12:30pm – 6pm

24 hours a day (online)


General Ticket Information

All tickets are subject to availability.

Studio 1 has allocated seating. In Studio 2, all seating is unreserved.

Tickets are non-refundable and latecomers may not be admitted.


Ticket Exchanges

Tickets may be exchanged for the same production on an alternative date for a £2.00 transaction fee (subject to ticket availablity).

Please be aware that if the original ticket was booked as a special offer, to retain the discount the same offer must be available for the performance the ticket is being exchanged. If not, the difference between the discounted price and full price, in addition to the transaction charge, will be due.

Ticket exchanges are not available online.

Posting Tickets

Arcola Theatre does not post tickets. All advance tickets will be held at the box office.


Pay What You Can  – Tuesdays

Every Tuesday evening, Arcola sells a limited number of tickets as ‘Pay What You Can’ for Studio 1 and Studio 2 performances. There is no restriction (either way) to the amount you pay for your ticket. The main thing is that you pay what you can. Availability can vary depending on production. Please visit individual production pages for updated information.

Arcola suggests £5 per ticket as an average donation.

Pay What You Can tickets can ONLY be purchased:

– On the evening of the performance at the box office from 6pm onwards

– On a first come, first served basis

Tickets are strictly limited to TWO per person and cannot be booked in advance.

Please note: There are 40 tickets held for Pay What You Can for Studio 1 productions and 20 tickets held for Studio 2 productions. As regular price tickets can be purchased in advance, we cannot guarantee availability of additional Pay What You Can tickets on the night. If you are coming a long way or have limited opportunity to see a particular show we recommend buying in advance.

You are most likely to secure Pay What You Can tickets in the first week of productions, before reviews are published. There is normally a queue which begins forming prior to 6pm.


Concession price tickets are available online as well as by phone or in person. These tickets are available to:

  • Students
  • Equity members
  • Senior Citizens
  • those in receipt of disability benefits
  • those in receipt of unemployment benefits

Proof of eligibility is required when collecting tickets. Those without proof will be asked to pay full price for their tickets.



If you have a ticket you would like to return

Arcola Theatre only accepts tickets for return if a show has sold out.

If you wish to return a ticket, call the box office on the day of the performance between 12.30 – 6pm and if that performance has sold out we will mark your ticket as a possible return and try to resell it.

If you return a ticket at the box office on the evening of the performance (after 6pm) we will endeavour to sell it on. Please note: the earlier you let the box office know you have a ticket to return, the more likely it is that we can resell it should the performance be sold out.

Arcola Theatre will only be able to accept tickets for return if the theatre has no tickets to sell. On occasion, a production may be sold out in the morning but have a few seats to sell in the afternoon i.e. guest and production seats being released.

All returned tickets are exchanged for Arcola Theatre credit, which can be used for any future Arcola performance. Arcola Theatre does not exchange returned tickets for cash or card refund. You will only receive credit if we have successfully re-sold the ticket.

If you wish to purchase a return ticket

  • The waiting list for returned tickets opens at 12.30 on the day of the performance.
  • If a ticket becomes available before 6pm our box office staff will call you in order to sell that ticket.
  • This is a first come, first served system and if we aren’t able to contact you on the first try, the ticket will be offered to the next person on the list.
  • Please note that the vast majority of returned tickets are given back to us last minute.
  • After 6pm we are no longer able to call people back, anyone who has called to put their name on a returns list that day and has not been able to secure a ticket will still have priority but we can only issue tickets to people who are at the Box Office in person.
  • If you aren’t at box office when a ticket becomes available then the ticket will go to the next person on the list

Please be aware that we never know how many return tickets there may be and we cannot guarantee there will be any at all. Returns are always less likely towards the end of a run.