Arcola Theatre are co-delivering YourFuture, an Employment Accelerator, with design studio  It’s Like This.

YourFuture is an exciting new enterprise program in Hackney. We offer free skills and business training, mentoring and real work experience to support aspiring young Hackney talent.

For businesses, the program reduces the risks associated with hiring new freelancers, ensuring your brief is right for them and supporting them every step of the way to project delivery.

So, if you are a local business looking for exciting design talent, or a local young person interested in the applied creative industries, click below to find out more….

Closing Dates (please note: these have been extended):

For Candidates to apply is Monday 23rd January 2017.

For Businesses to Express Interest is Monday 23rd January 2017.


YourFuture:                For Businesses

We will match you with exciting young Hackney-based creatives. For a small one-off fee*, you get high-quality products and services to address your business or marketing needs.

Perhaps you need:

  • A new logo?
  • Photography for an event?
  • Visuals for your shop or workplace?
  • Flyer or poster design?
  • Design for an annual report?
  • A short promotional video?
  • … or another service?

YourFuture:           For Young People

If you’re buzzing with creative energy, are 18-24*, hold a minimum of NWQ level 2 in a field of the applied creative and design industries, we want to hear from you.

We are after young people ages 18-24 years old with experience in:

  • Graphic/ communication design
  • Digital/web design
  • Animation
  • Videography
  • Video production
  • Illustration
  • Photography