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STAMP Network

Arcola is proud to be one of over 20 active member organisations taking part in STAMP (Supporting Theatre Artists and Makers of Performance).

STAMP is a group of venues and organisations based in London who support and produce new theatre and performance work. STAMP’s mission is practical collective action to improve the ways in which artists are supported by our organisations and the industry, and are valued in society more widely.

That might mean commissioning an artist to make a show. It might mean producing their work. It might mean writing funding applications, or supporting a marketing campaign, or connecting artists up with a director/designer/producer/outside eye to make their show happen.  It might mean offering rehearsal space, dramaturgical advice, or just a friendly ear.

In short, the organisations who are part of STAMP have different approaches to a common goal: to support brilliant artists to make new live work. We came together because we think that by sharing knowledge and ideas, and by taking practical collective action, we can improve the way we work and ensure theatre and performance made in and from London is as diverse and brilliant as it can be.

What we do

Our current and forthcoming actions include networking events for artists and producers, and research into the living and working conditions of London based artists.

Our programming database, which lists information about how each STAMP organisation programmes work and develops artists, including how artists should get in touch, is now available on our website

Connecting with us

We are aware that arts organisations can sometimes seem like a closed shop, and this can prevent artists with bold and brave new ideas from getting in touch. But we’re also aware that organisations who develop and produce new work can be flooded with email approaches, and that face to face contact is often the best way to start relationships.

That’s why STAMP events are going to be a core part of our action in 2017 – opportunities for artists and organisations to meet, talk, and share ideas.

If you’d like to find out more about how Arcola supports theatre makers, please check out: Consenting Adults, ArcolaLAB and PlayWROUGHT.

STAMP members include:

The Albany, Arcola, Artsadmin, artsdepot, Barbican, Battersea Arts Centre, Camden People’s Theatre, Fuel, The Gate, National Theatre, The Old Vic, Omnibus Theatre, Ovalhouse, Penned in the Margins, Pleasance, Poplar Union, Richmix, Shoreditch Town Hall, Soho Theatre, Stratford Circus, Talawa, Tamasha, Theatre 503, Theatre Delicatessen, The Yard, Yellow Earth.

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020 7503 1646

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