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Hackney House

Hackney House was a stunning, unusual 1,000 Sqm urban pop-up space in Hackney’s Shoreditch district which showcased the area’s business and cultural offer during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  It was unique partnership between London Borough of Hackney and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and was supported by private sponsorship and membership.

Arcola Theatre programmed the evening entertainment throughout the Olympics period and worked with architects and stakeholders to design and build the venue – including a big top tent like our own.

During the day Hackney House hosted a series of events based around themed days. These included tech, creative, tourism, fashion, food, investment and development expo style events and conferences. The aim was to show the world what Hackney and East London has to offer and increase investment and jobs in the area.

At night Hackney House showcased performance, from the cool vibe of local artists singing and performing to the region’s top comedians and cabaret artists.

As part of our mission to tell the world about Hackney, Tech City and the regeneration of East London, Hackney House was also home to the world’s top non-sports media who were here to report on the incredible socio and economic legacy of the 2012 Games.

Our vision was about using Hackney House to bring new investment to the borough and supporting those local businesses with their plans for growth.

Hackney House was self-funding and generously supported by local businesses and investors in the area.

For more information see www.hackneyhouse.org

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