Danielle Tarento presents


by Philip Ridley

Jan 25 2012 - Mar 17 2012

21 years after it came kicking and screaming into the world, The Pitchfork Disney has come of age...

'You know why the ghost train is so popular? Because there are no ghosts. Once you know that you can make a fortune.'

Ten years ago something terrible happened to Presley and Haley. Since then they have lived alone in their dead parents' house. But one night their safe isolation is shattered by the arrival of Cosmo Disney, who confronts them with the scariest question of all...what exactly happened to their parents.

When it premiered at London's Bush Theatre in 1991, The Pitchfork Disney caused a sensation. WIth its barrage of barbaric and magical imagery, its gleaming dark comedy and catastrophic air of violence and sexual tension, audiences were left breathless, intoxicated and, in some cases, fleeing in terror.

Now director Edward Dick - following his critically acclaimed revival of Ridley's The Fastest Clock in the Universe at Hampstead Theatre in 2009 - takes on this contemporary classic and reveals that Ridley's dark and glittering vision looks today more like breathtaking prophecy.

Post Show Discussion Thursday 9 February

In association with Methuen Drama and to promote the re-launch of Ridley Plays: 1, writer and journalist Dan Rebellato will chair a post show interview and Q & A with Philip Ridley on 9 February. The interview will commence ten minutes after the show ends and will last for about an hour, including a Q & A session where you will have the opportunity to ask Philip your own questions.

The event is free of charge and open to anyone who has seen that night's performance...just keep hold of your ticket stub for re-admission.



Directed by
Edward Dick
Bob Bailey
Lighting Designer
Malcolm Rippeth
Composer & Sound Designer
Richard Hammarton
Movement Director
Jane Gibson
  • Mariah Gale
  • Steve Guadino
  • Chris New
  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett


"I left the theatre convinced that I’d seen a work of genius immaculately performed. Wonderful." The Arts Desk ★★★★★

"Edward Dick’s beautifully rhythmed production" Whatsonstage ★★★★

"Thrilling and disturbing...a marvellous evening" The Stage

"A visually striking revival" The Independent ★★★★

"Edward Dick's revival leaves us in no doubt about the influence and prophetic aptness of Philip Ridley's play" Evening Standard

"The Pitchfork Disney delivers a fascinating, ugly microcosm of the world" Spoonfed ★★★★