Insite Performance presents


by Alexander Ostrovsky in a new version by Samuel Adamson

May 01 2013 - Jun 01 2013

A UK Premiere

Love v. Money. Value v. Cost . The Merchants v. Larisa

This passionate, razor-sharp black comedy about a penniless woman and the men who want her is brought to British audiences for the first time.

In the marketplace where merchants cut deals, love has no value. But Larisa has only one thing to sell and she's in desperate need of a buyer. Can she up her own worth, or will the merchants drive her to a bargain she cannot possibly hope to keep?

"a triumph on every level" - Evening Standard on Antigone, InSite Performance

"the very essence of theatre" - on SMITH, InSite Performance at the British Museum

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MONDAY BANK HOLIDAY SPECIAL OFFER - All seats £5 for Monday 6 May at 8pm.

Directed by
Jacqui Honess-Martin
Signe Beckmann
Movement Director
Anna Morrissey
Tom Attwood
Kristina Hjelm
Tim Middleton
  • Ben Addis
  • Jennifer Kidd
  • Sam Phillips
  • Morgan Philpott
  • Dale Rapley
  • Annabel Leventon
  • Tarek Merchant
  • Jack Wilkinson