Alastair Brett presents


by Alastair Brett with Sian Evans

Mar 27 2013 - Apr 20 2013

Gibraltar is based on the highly contentious shooting of three unarmed Provisional IRA terrorists by the SAS in 1988. It analyses a television documentary which looked into the shootings and the vicious press backlash following the programme. Hear how the Government got it wrong, how the press got it wrong and how television got it wrong. The play raises serious questions about the culture, practices and ethics of journalism. Its main character, Nick, is in pursuit of the TRUTH as a journalist adopting an ethical, as opposed to a sensational, form of journalism. Through him, we see how and why the media coverage of the Gibraltar shootings was hopelessly flawed.

Although based on fact, the dialogue is fictional apart from the accounts of the shootings given on television, what was said in the House of Commons, in the Gibraltar Coroner's Court and in police and magistrates' reports.

Gibraltar examines the people who live in this British Overseas Territory, its proximity to Spain and Morocco and the smuggling, particularly drug smuggling, that has gone on there for years.

This is your opportunity to find out about the SAS, the IRA, journalists, MI5 informants and the Costa del Crime. Decide where you think the TRUTH lies!

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Directed by
James Robert Carson
Cordelia Chisholm
Mike Robertson
Audio Visuals
Marco Devetak
  • Greer Dale-Foulkes
  • Karina Fernandez
  • George Irving
  • Billy McColl