Arcola Theatre presents


by Sarah Daniels

May 28 2014 - Jun 21 2014

…I’m okay, you’re okay, they’re okay, we’re all okay and in this together.

What do stand-up, being a proud father, therapy and adoption have in common? They’re all different ways of feeling good about yourself. But what happens if this is not enough?

Between Us is a darkly comic glimpse into the way we live now that asks how we have allowed it to come to this…

Directed by
John Burgess
Simon Daw
Lighting Design
Nicholas Holdridge
  • Charlotte Cornwell
  • Callum Dixon
  • Georgina Rich

Photos: Jeremy Abrahams

Reviews for Between Us:

"[...] amusingly and touchingly human drama that's thought-provoking and wonderfully acted"

"this intricate piece of theatre shouldn't be kept between us"

★★★★ The Gizzle Review

"a wonderfully acted drama exploring the darker undercurrents beneath everyday normalcy."

★★★★ The Good Review

"great writing, stirring performances and a show that will appeal to long-term theatregoers, as well as the casual visitor"

★★★★ Everything Theatre

"There's also a streak of pain running through the performances, which are uniformly first-class and compelling"


"never less than provocatively entertaining"

"good enough to make you hope Daniels has more to give"

"A provocative mix of sex, standup and social malaise"

The Guardian

"beautifully written and has as much in it as many plays twice its length"

"an accomplished and compelling performance from Cornwell"

"John Burgess’s production balances poignancy with humour"

British Theatre Guide

"Charlotte Cornwell works the audience expertly"

"a small but perfectly formed piece of drama"

There Ought To Be Clowns

"Charlotte Cornwell is the star of the show as the wickedly funny Julia"

"Watching the twists and turns of Between Us unveil themselves is thoroughly engaging"

Plays to See

"All actors are beautifully cast and perform with truthfulness and commitment"

"very powerful and hard to digest"

A Younger Theatre