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Theatre Workshops


Our workshops can be integrated into the National Curriculum in a number of ways – linking with English language and literature, Theatre Studies, Drama; and subjects such as Business Studies and Environmental Sciences, through a focus on the inner workings of our carbon-neutral, independent theatre. Our professional practitioners can help students to engage with and analyse set texts, improve their spoken and written English and develop their confidence.

We can deliver workshops on rehearsal and performance techniques, practitioners’ styles and are always happy to build a project which suits your school or university’s needs. We also provide advice and Q&A sessions for those looking to pursue a career in the arts.

Arcola is currently developing a new range of bespoke curriculum and TIE workshops. To find out more email


Tailored Projecpreparations-12ts and Theatre Tours

Our building in Ashwin Street is rich in history, as well as being one of the UK’s leading environmentally sustainable spaces.

Our tours take you behind the scenes and give you a chance to try a monologue of speech on one of our main stages, as well as exploring how sustainability is put in practice at Arcola.

From week-long performance projects, to theatre takeovers or support with your school production, please get in touch:

Arcola Energy Workshops

With our sister company Arcola Energy, we provide workshops and resources that explore the science behind renewable energy in a fun and tangible way, and inspire people of all ages about next generation technology. Since 2012, we have run workshops for over 5000 people, of all ages, from racing cars to flying balloons. Our approach is unique because we blend science and maths with art and performance.

Click here to look at how Arcola Energy is inspiring the next technology generation.

Schools Hydrogen Challenge

We offer our Hydrogen Car Challenge to schools across an entire city or region, culminating in an exciting Final. This is typically sponsored by local private and public sector partners to offer a number of subsidised workshops to schools. Read more »


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