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16 March

Divya Satwani (The Performance Lab)


by Natasha Kathi-Chandra and Karen Mann

Directed by Natasha Kathi-Chandra (Namashkar Theatre)

A double bill of two powerful South Asian female-led pieces examining sex, periods, abortion and the “good Indian girl”, this compendium reflects on culture, society and feminism in British-Indian culture and the challenges South Asian women face.


Ambika finds herself in bloody embarrassing hell, when she gets up to find she’s left a period stain on the carpet in a sacred Hindu temple. Big deal?
2018. Sex, periods and the “Good Indian girl”. Ambika questions the strange myths of Indian culture and the sexist taboos that have made her feel inadequate to be a woman all her life.


A dramatic monologue using music and dance to explore the impact of cultural identity on one young British Indian woman , and the stigma around mental health in the Indian community. Doll Face is a gut wrenching but hopeful account of a single Indian female in an abortion clinic reflecting on her upbringing, culture, society and the reality of trying to have it all.

★★★★ Played to perfection
—Shikainah Champion-Samuel, Weekend Notes
★★★★ Mann's acting is a real treat, making the play engaging and relatable, whatever your background
—View From The Gods
Best performance of the night @namashkartheatre & @janisesadik...
Fantastic performances tonight at #Cutthebakwaas particularly moved by ‘ Om shanti F*ck” [...] congrats to writer Natasha and actor Janise!


Janisè Sadik


Karen Mann

Doll Face


Natasha Kathi-Chandra and Karen Mann


Natasha Kathi-Chandra (Namashkar Theatre)

Director & Writer

Natasha Kathi-Chandra


Karen Mann


Kaajel Patel (@kaajel_patel)

Produced by

Namashkar & Divya Satwani (The Performance Lab)
Standard £15
Concessions £12

Standard tickets are £12 or less with Arcola Passport.

Running time: 50 minutes approximately .

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