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24 February–3 March 2019

ACT II: A Festival of New Plays

Kindly supported by Arcola Theatre, 1001 Nights Productions and The Really Useful Group. 

ACT II: A Festival of New Plays

Written by London Students

ACT II is the largest ever inter-university theatrical collaboration in London. We are bringing together student writers, directors and actors from over 15 universities across London in a festival of new plays.

Come along to see the best up and coming theatrical talent

The 13 shows in the festival will each perform once in matinee and evening performances on Sunday 24th February & Sunday 3rd March. Please see below for details of each of the shows.

Sunday 24 February 

Matinee | 2:30pm

Ambrosia by Ghassan Abdulrazek & Ewan Savage

Two recent graduates and friends battle it out as they try to climb to the top of the corporate ladder.

A Murmuration of Starlings by Toby Moran Mylett

‘A Murmuration of Starlings’ explores the feeling of love without labels, highlighting that whoever we are, wherever we may be, we are all part of the same trials and tribulations of the soul.

Evening | 7.30pm

An Eye for an Eye by Kate Willis

It is in a not so distant future, that a new criminal justice system has been put in place. Justice is placed into the hands of the people. Those who transgress are subject to the wishes of their captor. This is a tale of revenge and friendship, where both go hand in hand.

Purple Onions by Pedro Rothstein Perez

In this deserted reality, X has built a camp, a sovereign sacred kingdom where she governs in complete solace and solitude. One day, a strange frightened man, Y, arrives to her camp asking for shelter – it’s the first human being she has seen in a very long time.

X and Y are the last two humans left on earth. W is an android whose sole purpose is to eliminate them.

ROBBED by Vogue Giambri

Robbed is a farcical dark comedy about two people trying to rob the same house at the same time. Tommy Lee, a ruthless hillbilly, and Edithe with her daddy issues will come together to unravel everyone’s secrets.

Sunday 3 March

Matinee | 2.30pm

Seventh Stop by Shemekka Proud

As two friends travel move through the carriages of a train, they relive their experiences together and try to rekindle their friendship before they get to the seventh stop.

 The Lost Spell by Ayotomi Aif

A tale of love and longing, of magic and mystery, of frustration and freedom… Join the gods and watch as an unlikely alliance is sparked between two outcasts, two beings despised and revered by the townsfolk, a witch and a wench must work together to deliver justice to their home.

The Rat’s Nest by Holly Whinney

A dark comedy that follows two siblings tidying up their bedroom.

This is How we Die by Dominique Reid

A dark satire that follows a mother whose son is killed by a policeman. She seeks justice but fails due to the absurdity of the world she inhabits.

Evening | 7:30pm

[the house was just twinkling in the moonlight] by Beth McAulay

People need to be told what to be in order to eventually understand who they uniquely are. Two women, portraits of self-denial and internal conflict, reunite following two years of separation.

Pictland by Eilis Price

Who are the Picts?  No one really knows, not even the Picts themselves.  5 Picts, one field, and no crops. The play asks the questions: what is nation? How do we create community? What is sacrificed in service of a group? And most importantly, baths or no baths?

A View from a Picture of a Bridge by Aslan Herzen-Kenward

A high traffic bridge has collapsed. 56 people are killed. What happens to those who are left behind?

The View from a Picture of a Bridge is a play that explores how people process loss, and what happens to the secrets that are left behind by those who die. How would you cope holding a secret for the dead?

Mother Catfish by James Ireland

20 years ago they went on a lads holiday to Albufeira, but whilst they were away a giant catfish ate all of England. We’re not making this up. Scores of hungry slimy catfish devoured their partners and their friends and their homes. Now the people-devouring catfish have reached Portugal. After 20 years of bitter mini golf-themed assassinations, the lads have got to grow up.

The companies are made up of students from the following universities in London: University College London, Queen Mary University of London, King’s College London, SOAS, Middlesex University London, LAMDA, Royal College, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Royal Holloway University, St Mary’s University, London College of Communications (UAL), Central Saint Martins (UAL), Imperial College London, Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths.

Festival Directors

Amy Reade and George Jibson


Ghassan Abdulrazek
Ewan Savage
Toby Moran Mylett
Kate Willis
Pedro Rothstein Perez
Vogue Giambri
Shemekka Proud
Ayotomi Aif
Holly Whinney
Dominique Reid
Beth McAulay
Eilis Price
Aslan Herzen-Kenward
James Ireland
Standard £10
Concessions £5

Sorry, Arcola Passport tickets are not available for this production.

This production contains:
Strong language

Suitable for 12+
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