Green Arcola

Archimedes (Green Arcola Intro page)

Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth – Archimedes

Trailblazing sustainability projects as part of our core business, Arcola Theatre aims to be the world’s first carbon neutral theatre. Initiated in 2007 as the Arcola Energy Project, this work is now known as Green Arcola. Arcola’s vision for a sustainable, equitable and creative future is the basis of our unique structure and business model, comprised of three strands of work:

–        Professional Theatre

–        Engagement

–        Environmental Sustainability

In 2010 we set up Arcola Energy Ltd to take forwards technology development and commercial elements. Arcola Energy specialises in the integration of hydrogen and fuel cells, with a reputation for capturing end-user needs, strong industry partnerships and low-cost UK manufacturing. Green Arcola works closely with Arcola Energy, particularly on renewable energy projects.

Green Arcola’s work is introduced in these pages:

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